Here is a list of Mapillary related tools I made. All tools except OpenSwitchMaps are pre-alpha version. Maybe buggy.

Switch map services like Google maps, OpenStreetMaps, Mapillary and so on. Chrome/Firefox extension.
OpenSwitchMaps web
Web bookmarklet version of OpenSwitchMaps. For tablet and smart phone.
Measure height of the object
Measure the height of the object using 360 photo.
Route view player
Find route and auto play mapillary photo along the route.
Route finder
Find route and display photo at the turn.
Sequence straightener
Mapillary editor to straighten sequence.
Changeset local search
Search mapillary changesets in a local area.
Local leaderboard
Show a leaderboard in a local area.
Download a photo with geotag
Mapillary photos don't have geotags. Append geotags with external tool. Windows, Exiftool required.
Time travel camera
Capture the scenery of the past. Just retrieve a photo from Mapillary service at your location. iPhone, Safari, portait style.
Street-level POI viewer
Show OpenStreetMap POIs on Mapillary 360 photo, like AR viewer.
Street-level GPX viewer
Show GPX log file on Mapillary 360 photo, like AR viewer.
Streetlevel-imagery search helper
Search OSM objects via overpass, and provide Mapillary links to the found coordinates.

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